Saturday, July 7, 2012

Attention all Artists

Went to  gallery last weekend, held at some shitty little warehouse where the only thing interesting was the bartender and her complete lack of caring.

Anyways I spoke with one of the artists there trying to get what their take on there on piece was and he had the gall to say , "Don't know I was drunk." Really? So artists take a note from this failure's book and just kill yourself if you can't even find passion or reason for your work!

Artist suicides are apparently as common here as they are in New York I've discovered. I guess stereotypes hold true regardless of location.

Please someone let me know where the true talent lies in this city!

Tall Tales or Amazing Truth

While not a pretty painting the spoken word is amazingly beautiful. One of first people to be nice to me in the city told me a tale of the time he went hunting in Africa. Good old, old tycon boys seem to have some interesting stories, compared to the drabble the art columns put out here so enjoy this little treat and break from the norm.
So there he was hunting in Africa when he came across this large Rhino. It went into a frenzy with a murderous look in it's eye, staring him down as if the devil himself were there. Thinking fast this oil tycoon leaped upon the head of the rhino grabbing on for a ride as hung on. The thrashing was indescribably and it was down to him or it. He pulled out his knife and stabbed it in the eye, pulling it out with a pop! He is thrown from his perch, but lands safely a a short distance away and what do you know he spies from the corner of his eye, but a baby Rhino. Being a true southern gentleman he apologizes and returns the eyeball.
So what do you think? Truth or fiction?

Friday, June 8, 2012

New City...hopefully some promise

After locating to Houston and picking a new residence close to the coveted museum district it seems inherent to say the street artists show more promise than the so called professionals displaying their grotesque pieces near my place. I took a walk down Montrose while the movers were unloading my belongings with me, and some of the trendy "galleries" seem to all be filled with the same lack luster generic dribble "hipsters" think is in vogue. It is sad and pathetic. I hope this was just an ill-fated trip and that this city can show me its true wonders.